Sale! Anti-Gall Lonsdale Girth
Anti-Gall Lonsdale Girth
This double buckle girth is used with long pointed saddles so the horse's skin is protected against pinching from the buckles.
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Sale! Western Aircell Girth (Cinch)
Western Aircell Girth (Cinch)
The Air-Cell Cinch is soft and gentle and designed to keep your horse cool with great air circulation and anti-gall properties. Add colour to match your tack
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Sale! Western Ezy Cinch by Equi-Prene
Western Ezy Cinch by Equi-Prene
The new Ezy Cinch is a sure winner! A sturdy built in Roll Firm Cinch Buckle removes the need for a Bates Pull-Up. Neoprene liners keep horse comfortable, clean and work ready.
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Western to English Converters
Western to English Converters
Converts Western rigging to English rigging. Specially designed leather straps neatly slip over and through the D- ring on your Western saddle and lock by self threading and conveniently becoming the girth points for your favourite English Girth.
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