Sale! Cant-A Euro Combo
Cant-A Euro Combo

CANT-A EURO COMBO A strong poly/cotton Combo which sits beautifully on the horse, no need for x/over belly straps. A new colour combination of Natural Stone (Cream) and Jet Black with a twin colour binding Has all the regular features … Continued

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Sale! Cant-A Euro Rug
Cant-A Euro Rug

CANT-A EURO RUG A great fitting rip-stop rug in Natural Stone (cream) and Jet Black with twin colour binding A good strong poly cotton rug with steel fittings. 300gsm, ripstop poly cotton, leather chest strap.

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Sale! Cant-A Natural Jute Combo
Cant-A Natural Jute Combo
Breathable natural fibre - 500 gsm - fully bound - reinforced wither and back seam - leather chest strap - satin lined shoulders and neck - replaceable leg straps.
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Sale! Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Combo
Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Combo
A lovely light weight summer combo for horses.
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Sale! Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Mini Rug
Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Mini Rug
Rug only - no neck rug attached
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Sale! Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Rug
Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Rug
This is a lovely light summer rug for our warm humid Queensland climate.
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Fly Mask by Zilco
Fly Mask by Zilco
Protect your horse's beautiful eyes from pesky flies with a well fitting Zilco fly mask.  Also about 70% UV protection.
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Fly Mask with Nose
Fly Mask with Nose
How about a fly mask that... Offers a superb fit, is budget priced and made from quality materials. Sound too good to be true? A Flyveils By Design fly mask does just that! GUARANTEED!  
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Sale! Headless Hood
Headless Hood
''Horzehoods are the creators of the unique & copyright ‘Multi loop bib system©’' Introducing our new 2018 Product - Everything customers love about a Horzehood - 'Minus the head'
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Sale! Kozy Combo
Kozy Combo

600D, 200g. Sizes and colours subject to availability.

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Sale! Mini Canvas Neck Rug
Mini Canvas Neck Rug

Lined canvas, buckle fastening.

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