Sale! Cant-A Euro Rug
Cant-A Euro Rug
Polyester/cotton 65/35 300GSM ripstop - fully bound - natural stone and jet black twin trim - reinforced wither and back seam - leather chest strap - satin lined shoulders - replaceable leg straps - action freedom gusset
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Sale! Cant-A Natural Jute Rug
Cant-A Natural Jute Rug
500gsm Natural Jute fabric, fully7 bound, re-inforced with and back seam replaceable leg straps
$50.00 Select options
Sale! Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Mini Rug
Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Mini Rug
Rug only - no neck rug attached
$30.00$45.00 Select options
Sale! Zilco Hamilton Rug
Zilco Hamilton Rug
The Hamilton is perfect for between seasons, or in showery weather. It is made from showerproof, double ripstop canvas - there is no lining. Sizing is from 4'6 to 6'9.
$80.00 Select options