Sale! Cant-A Euro Combo
Cant-A Euro Combo
A well-fitting poly-cotton combo.
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Sale! Cant-A Euro Rug
Cant-A Euro Rug
Polyester/cotton 65/35 300GSM ripstop - fully bound - natural stone and jet black twin trim - reinforced wither and back seam - leather chest strap - satin lined shoulders - replaceable leg straps - action freedom gusset
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Sale! Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Mini Rug
Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Mini Rug
Rug only - no neck rug attached
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Sale! Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Rug
Cant-A Savannah Summercheck Rug
This is a lovely light summer rug for our warm humid Queensland climate.
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Sale! Kozy Combo
Kozy Combo
This 600 Denier seamless Ripstop combo is feature packed whilst providing quality at a value for money price.
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Sale! Mini Canvas Neck Rug
Mini Canvas Neck Rug

Lined canvas, buckle fastening.

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Sale! Mini Polar Fleece Rug
Mini Polar Fleece Rug
A warm stable or under-rug for the miniature horse/pony.
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Sale! Mini Winter Neck Rug
Mini Winter Neck Rug

Waterproof, cotton lined, velcro fastening, medium fill. MINIATURE NECK RUG ONLY.

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Sale! Mouth Gag
Mouth Gag

Full size.

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Sale! Pharmonia
Pharmonia, Multi-purpose disinfectant wash for animals to help keep insects away
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Sale! Status Elite AP Saddle
Status Elite AP Saddle
A lovely light synthetic saddle with a self-adjustment gullet to give room for movement of the horse's shoulders without jamming them.
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Sale! Zilco Aircon Combo
Zilco Aircon Combo
A very popular summer/fly sheet combo for protection of your horse from the vagaries of the sun and pestering insects.
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