Biohawk Feed Boost Powder


A freeze-dried powder of Biohawk’s proprietary blend of three ginger rhizomes, culinary ginger (Zingiber officinale), turmeric (Curcuma longa and galangal (Alpinia galanga) with their very special proteolytic enzymes at a very high concentration.  It is designed to be mixed into animal feed wet with a small volume of a low-peroxide vegetable oil (suggestion: good quality coconut oil or olive oil as these will not destroy the enzymes) at a daily rate dependent on the weight of the animal.

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Feed Boost is a very special proprietary blend of Zingiberaceae spices (gingers), designed to aid digestion in large animals such as horses. The natural goodness of Biohawk’s special blend of gingers is concentrated in Feed Boost and protected by encapsulation in rice flour.

Allergic reactions to grains, soy and lupins causes:

  • Inflammation in the gut
  • Reduced uptake of nutrients
  • Changes in the blood
  • Acid build-up in the hind-gut

Feed Boost added to feed:

  • Digests proteins in feeds that can cause intolerance reactions and inflammation
  • Improves nutrition – breaks down proteins in grains, soy, lupins and other feedstuffs – releasing nutrients previously unavailable
  • Exposes grain starch to digestive enzyme breakdown
  • Facilitates amino acid, glucose, mineral and oil availability
  • Limits starch fermentation and acid production
  • Removes the barriers to complete digestion
  • Makes hard feeds safer
  • Flushes the sinuses

500gm, 5g/day per 200kg.

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